See Us As a Short-Term Partner For a Purpose!


We offer capacity, expertise and sustainable solutions to all aspects of children's social care services. With us you procure a partner rather than a service.

Working with your aspirations for your children and their families. We recognise that when you are working in a demand lead service decisions have to be made that can affect your delivery model, skill sets of your workforce, and budget pressures.

Often solutions are within the existence of the workforce but creating the capacity and space to free colleagues to work differently and learn new skills is the challenge.

It is not what you need to do but how to do it, at pace, ensuring sustainability and improving outcomes for children and their families. Social work, system leadership and outcomes that are contemporary in delivery.

Partnership working
Strong and positive internal and external partnerships are a pre-requisite of sustained improvement, yet they can be difficult to form and maintain. All partners need to commit time, energy and priority to starting up partnerships, keeping their energy level and to repair relationships if they break down. We can act as a catalyst to promoting a local joint accountability framework, either internally between teams with a common purpose or externally, between statutory partners. Our offer is a practical one – to focus on a case, a thematic issue or relational leadership. We tend to suggest a co-production within a short specified time-frame involving a rapid diagnostic and then a solution-focused intervention. Our associates are all skilled in strategic and operational partnership-making

Implementing Government policy
Government policy announcements are being made with increasing frequency, both large and small. We can help agencies to understand what has to be implemented, when, in what way and why. It is crucial that Government policy changes are built into existing arrangements rather than being seen as separate or as requiring a completely different approach. Graduated incorporation nearly always works best so that existing directions of travel locally are not thrown of course but instead, that the conditions for change, including radical change, are created. Our associates can help you to identify what needs to be done at every level to create the conditions for the successful implementation of all Government policies.

We recognise that every local authority is a different eco-system which needs to be understood from the inside and the outside.

You will know what is needed in your own organisation and space. We are here to support the response and implementation, this needs to be ‘On Point’ and that’s us.