As the impact of life with COVID-19 is now a focus for schools’ recovery strategies it is widely acknowledged that tackling the legacy continues to affect some children’s education, learning and development.

The DfE have provided helpful context in producing a report that draws from the learning of 100 inspections undertaken during the summer term.  Furthermore, the challenge pre pandemic can be stubborn to address. We offer expertise and capacity to support the local authority and wider school landscape in collaborating to ensure accessible, high-quality provision for all ages, stages and aptitudes.

Below is a list of the most widespread challenges we can support with:

  • Ensuring place planning responds to demographic changes and pressure on school budgets
  • Planning sufficient appropriate infrastructure to meet the needs of SEND pressures; Managing the mixed economy of MATs, SATs, and LA maintained schools to ensure all are working collaboratively in the best interests of all children and families
  • Meeting budget priorities strategically, especially with regard to the HNB and effective SEND processes
  • Ensuring admissions, fair access and alternative provision are providing the necessary service
  • Ensuring schools meet safeguarding requirements (including responding to complaints inc. those made to OFSTED)