Elaine is without doubt one of the most professional and dynamic individuals I’ve ever worked with. I would love to work with her again and if I was setting up a company – Elaine would be the first on my list. Her drive, passion, ethics, very high professional standards and enthusiasm are second to none. All done in an efficient, effective and business-like manner and this is her USP.  I learned so much from her and she was very much the driving force that helped me to turn around a failing department. I highly recommend to any future organisation.
Lisa Redfern — Strategic Director Social Care

I had the pleasure of working with Elaine when I joined Newham Council as interim CEO. My brief was to try to stabilise the council following the departure of the previous CEO and a new Mayor being appointed following many years of a previous Mayor.

The organisation was in a total state of flux, culturally very turbulent and services in many areas not delivering effectively and budget problems.  I was relieved to meet and connect with Elaine in that time and the advice and wise counsel she gave me was invaluable. The role that I had meant I was given many versions of “a truth” as to the state of services and what was actually going on. Elaine would speak with me, without fear or favour, technically proficient and very professional and enable me to assess the whirlwind and find a path through. 
Elaine’s personal approach to life and her broader experiences and interests also meant getting through the tougher days was also much easier!

I would happily work with Elaine again and would recommend her to you for experience in children’s and young peoples services and transformation.
Katherine Kerswell — Chief Executive