Transformation & Service Improvement

Transformation in Children’s Services means doing the following simultaneously:

  • Successfully managing need and demand
  • Achieving a sustainable level of savings through a different operating model
  • Improving the quality of the services commissioned or provided

The above are the three key criteria for a transformation project.

As an organisation in which all people belong and contribute to improving outcomes for children we have ambitious leader who wants to create capacity to re-think the delivery of children’s social care.

We can offer capacity and expertise that will work for stronger partnerships which can transform a system and deliver better outcomes and experiences for vulnerable children, children remain at the heart of all it does.

With historical and present pressures on services it is more vital than ever that services are transformed to a high-performing, low-cost service instead of a high-cost, low-performing service. This accelerates practice improvement, creating the capacity for practitioners to thrive and allowing the service to achieve a stable sustainable resource and budget that enables good and outstanding services to children and families.

We partner with you, grow and scale the boldest and best innovations that deliver long-term impact for your organisation. Addressing persistent challenges and transforming the systems that surround it, including organisational culture and behaviour. We do this by providing a wealth of experience from people who have themselves held several leadership roles across the country to coach leaders and their teams as they tackle difficult issues and challenges.

We help build local capability to ensure that new ways of working will be maintained long after our work is complete and that a legacy of improved practice supported by improved knowledge, processes and procedures leaves a sustainable return on investment.

We challenge assumptions, design and test new ways of working and help implement necessary change whether that be through targeted interventions such as Edge of Care, informed commissioning and maximising children’s opportunities to stay within a family environment.

Our change management approach means we work closely with the leadership team, system leaders and frontline staff to ensure we help develop, design and implement solutions that are fit for purpose to meet local needs with the necessary contribution and buy in from all levels of the organisation.

We help organisations collaborate with one another and build strong partnerships that can transform a system or place that makes the best use of shared resources that deliver consistent desired outcomes for children and families.