Elaine Redding

Managing Director

With more than 30 years’ experience in the field of children’s social care, an accomplished and respected Director across all Children’s Services – social care, SEND and education, who is passionate about implementing and embedding best practice to ensure good outcomes for children and young people.  I understand what it is to walk in the shoes of those receiving and delivering services, developing policy and how to develop sustainable partnership working as a systems leader.

Having worked with high levels of scrutiny, I also understand the need for pace and purpose when being required to improve. Equally the need for sustaining that improvement even when outstanding is reached – the continuous improvement requirement. As the co-author of an independent DfE-commissioned review of alternative delivery models involving the development of capacity and diversity of children’s social care I have experience of alternative models of delivery and how to explore and deliver the best option for a local authority. It can never be a one size fits all approach.  Every local authority is a different eco-system which needs to be understood from the inside and the outside. You will know what is needed in your own organisation and space. it’s the response and implementation that needs to be On Point…. and that’s us.